What does it do?

As easy as 1 .. 2 .. done!

Capture a picture or video

You can quickly add title and notes to the “records” to summarize or provide additional context.

Choose a project

Organize in an existing project, or create a new one on the go, and of the records go to the cloud.

Team members see it

Project participants get notified and can view your records and notes instantly. 

Get the overview anywhere

With the web app you can get the full overview, and you can access your projects and information from anywhere.

YOUR data is secure

We take pride in providing service for you and your data. It will always be your data and our only job is to keep it safe and make it easily accessible to only you. 


Save it, but don’t let it bother you. Don’t delete, archive. With the archive, you can keep your workspace clean with only the current projects, but rest assured that the records are there if or when you need them later. 

Easily add information

You can quickly add title or notes to an image or video to provide context, instructions or summarize the information. You also easily choose the project to share to.

Quick invite

Invite people easily to participate in your project and control what they are allowed to do. If the user is not registered on Record, they receive and email with a quick setup guide.

Know that it's received

See who viewed the information so you can act accordingly, and push for response if needed. 

Stay up to date

Know what is happening in your projects with notifications when something changes. 

Try it out - get started!