Want to boost you colaboration productivity?

Work in new ways you have never done before and achieve great results from new workflows

The Record Platform might be the way for you and your organization

With cloud technology, the utilization of your workforce’s mobility, and our innovative ideas, you can create new information streams and workflows to get even better and more agile.


Cross platform apps

Be more productive by using the devices at hand that your users know. We provide solutions to access your content on all major platforms.

Stay in sync

With the centrallized and secure cloud storage, everyone is always up to date with the newest content everywhere.

Get it in time

When using mobile apps, you get the information when and where it happens. This gives you more aqurate and actionable insight into the matter at hand.

Central secure storage

You can either use our secure and separated cloud storage service, or we can help you to host the storage service on your own server environment, if your organization requires so.

New times, new demands = new ways, new tools

The Record Platform is not just a new tool to your pile of “productivity tools” – it is a new way of working with information. It means new work flows and processes when handling information.

Custom features

Get all the great features and functionality of Record and even get your own features specialized for your organization’s needs. We custom make the app and interfaces to the features, look and feel, that your organization needs to be more productive.

Visuals matter

Why do we still use a whiteboard in stategy meetings? Why is post-it notes still a business? Printers? Posters?

Because nomatter how digitalized we make our world, we are still drawn to visuals to see things – to get an overview, or to understand. Much art is visualized, because it makes special sense to us. If we remember this, when moving in to the digital world, we can achieve great results.

Time Matters

Time is of the essence – time is money. So why are we waisting so much of it on unproductive communication? We need to deliver a message, then use the format most appropiate.

Let's get productivity-boosting

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