A picture says a thousand words

Do you know how long it takes to write a picture?

If the old saying is right, then it takes 25 minutes to capture the same information in writing as a picture can do in a split second.

Because there is a smarter way

Think about this: Do you often try to describe things in words, that would be much more suited for a picture or a small video, which could tell the whole stole in a fraction of the time?

Because time matters

Time is of the essence – time is money. So why are we waisting so much of it on unproductive communication? We need to deliver a message, then use the format most appropiate.

Because visuals talk clearer

When showing what you mean, there is less risk that someone will misunderstand you, and you both need to spend time and resources doing things all over again. Do it right at first.

We're here to revolutionize team collaboration and information sharing

Visuals matter

Even though the world and our work becomes much more digitalized, some things are just easier with visuals. The most inspiring presentations are filled with images and beautiful graphs, we still love to draw on a whiteboard or lay out the project on a big table. We like to see things, it helps us understand.

Not just another productivity app

We are not promising the biggest innovation since sliced bread. What we are promising though, is a new way to work with information and collaborate in teams and on projects. 

Record is not another app for the pile of productivity tools - we want you to change the way information is processed in order to create a new a more efficent work flow.